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We finally have the first Windows 10 Mobile devices

cherry-mobile-alpha-primeSince the announcement of Windows 10 happens back in January, we have been expecting some real hardware for it to run on. And since this IS a Windows phone, we’ll, of course, start off with a low-end device. The Philippines-bases phone and tablet manufacturer just announced at Computex 2015 their first Windows 10 Mobile devices: The Cherry Mobile Alpha Prime (AP) 4 and 5.

Correspond to their names, the Alpha Prime 4 is a 4-inch device while the Alpha Prime 5 is a 5-inch device. Both feature a Snapdragon 8909, which is the quad-core Snapdragon 210 SoC, clocks at 1.1 GHz. The amount of RAM and ROM are again, scale to their perspective screen size. The AP 4 will get 4GB of ROM and 512MB of RAM while the AP 5 will get 8GB of ROM and 1GB of RAM. Optics wise, we are looking a 5MP shooter for the AP 4 and 8MP for AP 5, both carry the same 2MP front-facing camera.

While it is unlikely that this phone will ever reach U.S soil, it is nice to see that companies have already prepared to jump into the pool that is Windows 10. We’ll definitely see a lot more of these devices in the coming months.


Via: Windows Central


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