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Apple’s thinking about a bezel-less iPhone?

iphone-6-plus-reachabilityAs we’re moving deep into summer, new rumors about the next iPhone have emerged. More importantly, a lot of focuses have been on the handset’s display. Some suggest that the next iteration of the iPhone will have a high-resolution screen, ranged from 1080p to 2K. Today, we have a new rumors about a bezel free iPhone is in the work.

Sources from PatentlyApple report that the Cupertinians are thinking of changing its direction with it comes to display technology. For years now, Apple has been using in-cell technology for iPhone display. The company now considers replacing that technology with other options: glass-on-glass or on-cell glass techniques. Either way would allow the company to create a bezel-free canvas. However, there are a few problems.

With in-cell technology, there are problems with the response from the screen at the edge of the display. The alternative is glass-on-glass technique, but then the screen is not thin enough to fit in the current iPhone dimension, which is crucial in Apple’s design style for the iPhone. The sources claim that the best result that Apple can do produce so far is an 8.5mm phone with this technology, but it is possible to reduce it to 7.1mm, the current dimension of the iPhone 6 Plus. Sources also did not state whether this will be ready for this year iPhone or it’s a preparation for the future.

The hope is with the new real estate on the display; new functions can be implemented on it, similar to what ZTE has done with its smartphone.

Source: PatentlyApple

Via: Phone Arena



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