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New leak teases the next generation of the Lumia 1020?

1020 colors 3Let’s be honest here, no matter how much you love your Lumia 1020, it’s getting out of date. With the old hardware, even the essential apps like the Camera is lagging behind. And the last few major updates do not seem to help the situation. Yes, the device is overdue for an upgrade. Well, it looks like Microsoft knows that, as we just received a new leak hints at exactly just that.

lumia-blurry-leakThe former leaker known as @evleaks has resurfaced in the gadget leaker arena with a new blurry photo. This time, it is a camera lens that resembles what we’ve seen on the Lumia 1020. Now, to be fair, it looks a lot more of what we have on the Lumia 830 than the Lumia 1020. But the long Xenon flash on the top is quite intriguing, at least enough to make a guess about a 1020 successor. Also, in the tweet that goes along with the photo is Blass’ message, saying “Don’t give up hope, Windows fans,” indicates a high-end model worth waiting.

As of right now, everything (including the picture) is quite fuzzy. But consider the source and the fact that there should be a flagship Windows device to come this fall, this might very well could happen.

Source: evleaks (Twitter)

Via: Windows Central



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