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Moto X 2015 leaks: photos of the same thing

motox2015-615While the Moto X is one of the better devices, since the first leak at the beginning of the month, the internet has been drowned with photographs of the devices. And while most of them are not in high-resolution, they are a lot of the same thing. Skeptics, at first, have reasonable doubts, but including the leaks today, we might be confident to start believing in what we see as the next Moto X iteration.

Today, the up and comer @upleak shares another picture of the Moto X 2015, and while it’s a pixelated image, there are things we can confirm. First, all the photos we’ve seen so far have pretty much guarantee the metal strip upon the rear of the phone. Also, two out of three recent pictures suggest that the vertical flash at the bottom of the handset is real. Finally, the latest leak reveals the front of the phone, although with all of the pixelation, it hard to make out the picture. However, we can sort of see the front-facing speaker, as well as the familiar glance mode.

Are you excited for the new Moto X?

Source: upleaks (Twitter)

Via: Pocketnow



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