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Asus to acquire HTC?

Asus-logoHTC has been struggling financially for years now. Not to say that they’ve done everything wrong, the HTC One M9 is fantastic in almost everyway. However, the sale isn’t there to back it up. The company also suffers from many hardware problems, infamously its camera. With that situation, one way the company can survive is to sell itself to those who have the financial power to run it, and right now, it seems like Asus is the heavy contender to buy out the company.

With the new line of ZenFone, the company is doing unexpectedly well and even making a profit with its smartphone sales. Combine with its PC business, the Taiwanese is a force to be reckoned with. So, to expand its smartphone line, it is rumored that Asus is looking to combine itself with the other Taiwanese neighbor just down the road.  Even know no one at HTC has commented on the story, Asustek’s Chairman has expressed interest in an HTC acquisition.

The source, Asus’ Chief Financial Officer David Chang tells Reuters about an idea that his Chairman has expressed at a meeting:

“Our chairman has chatted about the topic internally. Still, the chances of an actual takeover are not big as Asustek is a company that has depended on organic growth”

We will know more as the story developed, and soon enough, we’ll find out if it is true or false. However, would it be a good idea (for either side) to merge itself into one? That question remains to be seen.

Source: Reuters

Via: Pocketnow



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