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New Galaxy Note 5 is on the work with 4K display.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4Classic Sammy, with the Note 4 just released recently, the company is apparently rushed in to make another one for next year.

For one thing that we know for sure, the company itself expressed its interest in putting UHD display on mobile handsets that would be released next year at some point. What we just learned is that the phone might be getting a resized: from 5.7-inch to 5.9-inch! The source indicates that mass production will start as soon as August.

While it is quite early, this is a legitimate claim. After all, the source did not explicitly say that the display is in the Note 5, and there are chances that the Galaxy S6 (?) will be the one (although if you follow the trend of Samsung products, the next Galaxy S will be featuring a QHD rather than a UHD panel). Also, with the fact that the next generation of the Note will certainly be announced at 2015 IFA, it is understandable to see Samsung get a head start. The real question now is, with a phone that has more than 800 pixels at every inch of the screen, will it affect the battery life of the device?

Via: Pocketnow; phoneArena



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