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New Microsoft Lumia surfaced in China

microsoft_lumia_leakedWhile we are still waiting until next Tuesday to see what is actually going on, it seems like the RM-1090 is not the only thing that Microsoft has up its sleeves. Today, yet another leak of the same device that I have been reporting for days popped up again on Weibo, this time with other old Nokia Lumia devices, but that is not all.

Alongside all the other old Lumia and the new RM-1090 (which was rumored to be the Lumia 535) are some odd looking blue Microsoft Lumia. The device seems to have the same design as many of its sibling, round edge and plastic. However, one of them has a bigger size and a noticeable larger camera lens. From the picture, the handset seems to be at the same size as the Lumia 1520 right next to it. So, it is a predecessor for the Lumia 1320? We also got some smaller unidentified Microsoft Lumia devices that are around the same size as the leaked RM-1090. As of right now, nothing is confirmed.

It’s also worth knowing that the reliability of this leak is also still in debate, as there is no way to fact check a leak. With that being said, with events for low-end, it is rare to see Microsoft/Nokia shows up with just one device.

Source: Weibo

Via: Windows Central



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