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More leaks of the Lumia 535

Pictures-of-a-Microsoft-Lumia-535-dummy-unit (1)While it is not long until Microsoft unveiling the newest Lumia bears the Microsoft branding, the Windows Phone community is just not having enough of it. After we just reported some leaked pictures of the RM-1090 and other mystery device yesterday, we got more pictures again. This time, it is just the Lumia 535 alone.

Today, reveals pictures of the RM-1090 device, which rumored to be the Microsoft Lumia 535. In these pictures, we can confirm a few things. This device will indeed feature dual-Sims slot. We also see the not-so-beautiful-but-usable 5-inch quarter-HD display. We also expected the phone to have a 1900 mAh battery, 5MP primary camera and VGA front-facing camera. Also, this will be the first time Lumia has been back in blue since its disappearance at the end of 2013.

So, do you think this phone is worth getting, Lumia users?

Source: WMPowereuser

Via: phoneArena



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