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New schedule for Lollipop to arrive on Google Play Editions

htc-one-m8-google-play-edition-product-photos01Less than a week after Lollipop officially launches, we saw the waves of rumors about update plans of OEMs and carriers, for about a day or two, and then it all goes away. As of right now, we don’t even have a straight update schedule for Nexus devices. However, in the land of Google Play Edition, things seem go be going a bit smoother. According to HTC VP Mo Versi, he and his company are planning to deliver the update as soon as next week, but there is no certainty or any specific date. As of right HTC has two GPE devices, the One M7 and One M8, and while we got his confirmation that the updates are on the way, we did not get any clarification for which specific device, or even both.

As of right now, with the fact that the One M8 is the newer device, if this update is going out to only one device, the odds are that it will belong to the One M8, but let’s hope that HTC will come to its senses and release update for both handsets.

Source: Mo Versi 1,2 (Twitter)

Via: Pocketnow



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