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Snapshot tackles its security problems in the most controversial way

6SnapSelfies, pictures of food, dog, cat and pretty much whatever happen in your life, along with a tag line, with 6 seconds viability is what Snapchat has been known for. While it is now one of the most popular apps across all platforms, the company has had trouble with keeping pirates away from the customers’ confidential information. With the newest effort to solve the problem, Snapchat is deciding to temporarily shut down the APIs that are being used by hundreds of third-party apps.

In the most recent email the company has sent out to its third-party users, Snapchat announces to its third-party users that it will be shutting down all of these third-party accounts, unless you immediately change your password and stop using these third party apps.

If you do not stop using third-party applications, your account may be permanently locked”

While this does not seem like a mayor inconvenience for those who are using iOS or Android, their customers on Windows Phone, Symbian or even BlackBerry 10 relies heavily on these third-party apps. To calm the developer community down, Snapchat assured that they will develop a public API, but no ETA is officially announced yet.

As of right now, I have not heard any official plans from famous third-party developers like Rudy Huyn for Windows Phone about their plans for the future of their application.

Are you using the official Snapchat app or other third-party option? How will these new policies will be affecting you? Tell me down below.

Source: Snapchat Blog

Via: Windows Central



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