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6Snap will not make a return to the Windows Phone Store

If you are on Windows Phone right now, you are still probably waiting for the return of the famous 6Snap app, a third-party app for Snapchat. Well, me too, but don’t hold your breath. As Snapchat does not appear to care about users on Windows Phone, it also has not provided any alternative for developers […]

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Snapshot tackles its security problems in the most controversial way

Selfies, pictures of food, dog, cat and pretty much whatever happen in your life, along with a tag line, with 6 seconds viability is what Snapchat has been known for. While it is now one of the most popular apps across all platforms, the company has had trouble with keeping pirates away from the customers’ confidential […]

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And there it is, finally, Facebook’s Slingshot app goes public (for real this time)

Last week Facebook releases a new mobile app… Well, accidentally released. The company accidentally put its app, Slingshot to the Apple store, and just like a snapchat, a few second after it went public, it was gone from the store. An hour later, Facebook released a statement explaining the incident, and promises to bring the app out […]

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Windows Phone 8.1 is here, now what?

Well, for the past month, almost all of us have the chance to install the Developer Preview Version of Windows Phone 8.1. And as I said in my review of the update, it is one of the biggest update for Windows Phone Yet! But what now? What does Microsoft have to do in the future […]