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New Windows Phone from mysterious OEM is in development

Win_10_first_device_Display_While Windows Phone platform has grown tremendously. With more than 300,000 apps in the Windows Phone App store, and the newest version, Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, shows how mature the OS is. However, the territory is quite limited with options on the flagship level. While we do have the Lumia ICON and the One M8 for Windows, we need wider option, and we might get one very soon, as a mystery panel from an unknown manufacture leaked out. Window_10_phone_first_look

These images came from an undisclosed factory out of China, shows a panel of a Windows Phone (or “Windows” phone device base on whenever this thing is released) in a manufacturing process. Unfortunately, that is all we know for now. We are not sure if it is a Lumia, or other OEMs. However, this is the sign that the phone is already in the chain of production, meaning that it will surface on the market very soon. As of right now, all we know is that the phone will be featured a 5-inch display, but for now, only time can tell us more about this. However, the source claims that this might possibly be the Lumia 1030.

With CES and MWC are coming, it is possible that this mystery handset will be revealed very soon. Let’s also remember that Microsoft’s Build is coming up in the spring, and if it is a Lumia, Build is usually the time for a flagship Lumia.

Source: ITHome

Via: Windows Central; Pocketnow



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