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A Sony e-ink smartwatch is in the work?


As of right now, you can’t really say who is doing justice to the concept of Smartwatch. While Pebble seems the leap ahead of all the other companies, they failed short in getting public attention. On the other hand, Samsung, Motorola and LG are still struggling to find a way to appeal the need for smartwatch in the consumer world. Yes, right now, the platform is still waiting for a player to change the game, and that might as well be Sony.

According to a report done by Bloomberg, Sony is developing an e-paper smartwatch that will be releasing next year. If the source is accurate, the whole watch (meaning display and wear band) would be made out of e-ink paper (also known as “electric paper material” that has been used in the well known Nook or Amazon Kindle. This might solve a lot of problems that right now, many smartwatches are suffering, like battery life and outdoor-reading ability with LCD or even AMOLED display. This will also just reduce the cost of smartwatch, as it is cheaper to make.

Source: Bloomberg

Via: Pocketnow



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