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Smartphones’ tramp stamp will soon be gone

Wait_for_it_-_teds_tattoo1Beside carrier’s logo, the tramp stamp that OEMs forces to put on are just the absolute worse. Stupid FCC ID, Lead-free construction and the “Do not dispose in trash” icon are unnecessary and like tramp stamp, make anything accompanies it looks ridiculous. For years, many companies tried many tricks like hide it under the battery or have the font the same color as the phone’s case, but it still there. Well, while I’m not the “government best which govern least” kind of guy, but this time, yea, we do not need those stamps, and Washington D.C  is on its way to finally work for once and make these icons histories.

iphone-fcc-640x384Passed by both the House and Senate in Congress, the E-Label Act has also been signed by President Obama, which allow OEMs to store this information digitally on devices instead of a physical form. So, starting next year, this information will be contained in the “About” tab of your phone’s Setting menu.

While it seems like a small thing, this would make smartphones look better and you no longer need to put the phone 1mm from your eyes to see that damn ID number.

Source: The Hill

Via: Pocketnow



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