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The official GameBoy emulator is coming to mobile devices…?

game_boy_emulator_iphoneOver the years, with improved technology, the rectangular piece in your pocket has become more powerful than ever. With all of that in your hand, the idea of buying another handheld game set to become a bit of a burden more than a utility. Don’t get me wrong, playing Super Mash Bros on the 3DS is quite amazing, but there is nothing that the 3DS can do that smartphones can’t. Realizing that, Nintendo is taking its first step into mobile gaming on smartphones.

On the US Patent Office’s Website, we found out that the company has patented an emulator software for its own good old GameBoy on numerous devices, including mobile platform, desktop, and the usual seat-back display on airplanes. Now, this is not a big news since Android and iOS devs have been doing this for years (even Windows Phone has its own emulator for GB titles), so patents makes little difference. However, this could be a step that would lead to emulators for users to play games ranged from NES to (3)DS games on their mobile devices.

For now, what we can speculate is that the company will release an emulator and its own games market. Stay tuned, as I will deliver the latest as the story developed.

Source: TechCrunch

Via: PhoneArena



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