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The hybrid tablet – laptop is in the work by LG

01dd9c8c-e40a-4b2b-a419-d2fbea76d0cdWhile there is no doubt that the Surface Pro 3 is possibly one of the best tablet/laptop available in the market right now, many companies have already started to adopt the idea of a hybrid device. While LG is not big in the tablet/laptop market, the company is planning to strike back with a Surface Pro 3 competitor, according to CNET.

With the sale of the Tab-book line being “so-so”-admitted by LG spokesman. So, to create attraction to this tablet, LG will, allegedly, brings the concept of detachable keyboard into the tablet, meaning that any times the keyboard is attached, the device will become a laptop (Windows 10’s transformation feature). The source also reveals to us that the tablet will be running on Intel’s fourth generation processor, which will intelligently conserve and extend battery life. It will also be having a Solid State Drive, and that would, supposedly, make it more portable.

As CES is coming closer, that just might be the time that LG is announcing this tablet/laptop.

Source: CNET



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