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More evident indicates at a smaller iPhone for 2015

compareEven know Apple has finally joined the big-screen bandwagon, there are still people out there looking for a smaller display. So, the only way to even do better is to add another line of smartphone. Today, through Mydriver, we learned that the company is developing a “mini” device for the few who prefer the comfort of one hand usability.

This, combine with other source (Zacks Equity Research and analyst Timothy Arcuri), we learned that a smaller product is indeed in the pipeline for this year. While the sources did not reveal the screen size (however, presumably, it will be the same as the 5S/5C), they do expect it to be a lot cheaper than the flagship.

The question now is how cheap it will be and what is the compromise?

Well, as of right now, the cheapest product is the iPhone 5c. Now, if the trend continues, this might just be another new product with last year specification (or even lower if Apple really want to go for the sub $450 price range). However, what is needed to be in consideration is that would Apple be willing to produce a cheap device? Not to mention the perspective that smaller phone has to be less powerful.

Also, this iPhone 6 mini (or 6S mini, or even 6c) as of right now might just be an idea, and whether or not the king of Cupertino is actually following through with the project is a big question that needs to be answered.

Another rumor points towards an iPhone “mini” launching this year



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