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LG G Flex 2 WILL be at CES 2015

g-flex-2-verge-CUTIn October of 2013, LG amazed the world with a curved-display phone and the self-healing ability. While we were quite disappointed that none of these features make it to the flagship G3, we were all hoping for the appearance in 2014, but we did not. However, it seems like LG is still committed to the idea, as a source of The Verge discovered a CES poster for that very device in the venue. Now, while this poster is probably real, beside the curve design and the name LG G Flex 2, there is no representation of specification of the handset itself. All we know so far with this poster is that the phone does exist, and will be showcased at CES-specifically on their press event on Monday.

While I won’t be at CES, I will be covering every detail as they arrived, so stay tuned for more.

Source: The Verge

Via: Pocketnow



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