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Screenshot of Windows 10 for mobile device

windows10-logo-100466239-largeAs of September, it is quite clear about the direction that Microsoft is aiming for all of its Windows products, and that is to unify all platforms to ONE OS, Windows 10. The commitment is at its critical level, so much so that the name Windows Phone is D.O.A for Windows 10 on the mobile platform. So, the question now is what will Windows 10 for smartphones would look like? Well,Windows Phone Italy got the answer for you.

Now, to be clear, while Windows 10 for desktop is currently in Beta, there is no sign of a Beta for Windows (Phone) 10, so these probably are a leak alpha version.


The pictures showed a few things. One, Microsoft appears to take out the float Start background that covered just the tiles, and just makes the picture cover the whole screen, with transparent tiles, the background will also be appearing in the App list. However, the source made it explicitly clear that the dark and light theme option are still there, as well as colors for Tile background. WP Italy also emphasized that Microsoft has added “more options conferred the user on account of greater customization.” (Translated via Google Translate)

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Unfortunately, the source did not mention anything about the rumored interactive live tiles feature that was allegedly carried from the dead project McLaren.

Source: Windows Phone Italy

Via: phoneArena


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