Windows 10 is getting ready for the mobile platform preview


As we are moving into 2014, it means that it is closer to the set date for the Windows 10 event in the twenty-first of this January. With this new OS, Microsoft plans to have one Operating System across all platforms. While we already have a preview (or a beta) version of the WIndows 10 for desktop, tablet and/or laptop, we haven’t seen Microsoft says anything about the mobile platform. Well, it seems like we will finally have the first look (beside screenshot leaks) of the OS and be able to use it for the first time.

As of right now, Microsoft has not revealed anything, but reports from various sources claim that Windows 10 for mobile platform will be the main event for the upcoming keynote. Just last week, Microsoft also released the Phone Insider App, which is hinted to be similar the Preview for Developers Programs. The app seems to also be a part of the event, as Gabriel Aul, a member of Microsoft’s Insider Team hints it with a Tweet in January in eleventh. For now, it’s only for just Microsoft Employees, but it might soon be available to the public.

We also heard about GDR 2 releases. According to the sources, it allegedly now will not be released (although for Lumias, there is the Lumia Denim updates). Some of the features from GDR2 has already arrived with a small update. The rest will be arriving with Windows 10. This makes a lot of sense seeing as Windows 10 will soon be available to the public.

Source: The Verge, Nokia Poweruser

Via: Pocketnow; Windows Central



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