More than half a million apps in total are now on Windows and Windows Phone App store

windows-store-iconEven know we all tease Microsoft for the lack of apps available on their store, there is no denying that the store is growing at the fastest rate possible. The last time we checked in August, the stores had the total of 400,000 apps. Well, since then, the store has added 160,000 apps for a grand total of 560,000 apps with the two stores combined.

Now, while that is all good, there are still some underlying conditions that Microsoft needs to take care of. Essentially, while the number of apps is here, the lack of some popular apps like snapshot is unacceptable. While the official app like Instagram is under-cooked with the lack of updates. The stores have to rely on third-party developers like Rudy Huyn to complete the job.

So, what are your favorite apps on Windows (Phone)?

Source: Microsoft

Via: phoneArena

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