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March release for the Apple Watch?

Apple-Watch-logo-main1Wow, with HTC’s partner with Under Armour and the LG’s smartwatch leak incident, 2015 is really a year for smartwatch, isn’t it? Well, even know Apple is not participating the Consumer Electronic Show, it’s still making some headline in the news thread. This time is about it already announced smartwatch, the Apple Watch. While is already announced, nobody is yet being able to buy the device. But you might be able to buy it soon!

Allegedly, the company is pushing the production of the watch in the second week of Febuary. The source reveals that “Apple is planning an extensive testing program to familiarize Apple Retail Store employees with the new product category.” To do that, representatives from Apple Stores across the country will come together at the headquarter to get to know the watch better. After that, the representative will then come back and train the others.

After preparing, Apple is scheduled for the release in March. However, the specific date was not disclosed by the source. But this is expected, as we heard about Apple’s plan to train their reps to sale their first smartwatch ever.

Source: 9to5 Mac




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