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Is HTC developing a Firefox OS device?

firefoxosAs of right now, Firefox OS from Mozilla is not the most popular platform at the moment. For the most parts, Firefox OS consists of 3 year-old low end specification hardware. One of the few 2015 mid-range devices is the LG’s Firefox Fx0, but even then, specification is not that impressive, even known the design is quite innovative. Well, it seems like the OS has gained enough popularity that the big boys like HTC? @Upleaks seems to think so…

Since last year, HTC has begun to manufacture MediaTek-based smartphones running Android. The phones while not impressive, are quite cheap for what they are. Now, these chips are supported and are featured in a variety of entry-level Firefox OS devices. So, the idea that HTC is working on such the handset. If this is true, this would be a huge deal for the platform, as the operating system only has a few OEMs on board, including LG, ZTE, Huawei and Alcatel/TCL. However, let’s just hope that whatever the company is working on is better than what the OS has to offer right now.

Source: @upleaks

Via: phoneArena



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