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Apple’s Tim Cook confirms sale date for the Apple Watch

Apple-Watch-logo-main1Even know the Apple Watch has been announced for a while, the company is yet to release the wearable to the consumers. Especially near MWC, where we will most likely to be seeing more wearable accessories to smartphones, Apple needs to move fast in order to stay relevant in the smart watch arena. Well, even know we still have to wait for two more months, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that the watch will start selling at of April, 2015.

Beside that, Apple and its CEO at the moment are not giving out any more information about the device. Big question like the price of the watch, as well as its specification is still a mystery as far as we know. There will most likely be another event to launch the wearable, and maybe by then, Apple will reveal what it has up its sleeve.

Source: Apple


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