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The latest report shows huge growth for Surface Pro 3

Satya Nadella Delivers Opening Keynote At Microsoft Build ConferenceEven know last year was not such a great year for Windows as a mobile platform, Microsoft has really stepped up this year with Windows 10, HoloLends and Spartan last week, which gained some welcoming popularity. And it seems like things are getting better for Microsoft, as their latest fiscal year report reveals a huge win with its incredible Surface Pro 3 and even the Lumias.

Since the last time we checked, the hybrid device was generating around $9.8 million for Microsoft, but in the past quarter, the number has increased to $1.1 billion. That is a 24-percent growth from the last quarter. This is the proven fact that the concept of a hybrid device is now starting to work in Microsoft favor more than ever. Now with that being said, this is not profit, meaning we still don’t know if Microsoft is making or loosing money with the series. However, with the series passed the one billion mark, it is hard to turn around now.

On the smartphone side, we witnessed the Lumia series sold 10.5 million units, increased from the previous quarter, at which they sold 9.3 million units. The increase in sales brings $311 million in revenue. Adding that up to other sections, Microsoft made a total of $2.3 billion in revenue.

However, there are some downside: Microsoft recognizes the dip in licensing revenue (resulted from the decrease of licensing fee of Windows Phone); we also see a decrease in income from the company’s Office service. But all of these are quite insignificant, but the company still need to be aware.

Source: Microsoft

Via: Windows Central, Pocketnow



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