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What is the deal with tablets?

tablets-montageAs you all know, before the end of the year, the IDC has done some research and found out that the growth rate for tablets has drastically declined in 2014, and expect to be even more in 2015. The report also goes further, and discovered that the adoption rate for the new iPad is also declining at a subtle rate. Let’s think about it, in 2013, the growth is 52.5%, and now it’s 7.2%, what is going on? Well, some companies have figured it out, that when consumers go out to buy a tablet, they always have the same question: “What is the deal with tablet”

“I don’t want something too big”

nexus-7-2013The problem with that requirement is that soon, any electronics consumers will realize that there are things that can be a phone and a tablet, also known in our nerd circle as a phablet.

Let’s take the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as an example. The device has a SoC that beats out any computer that guide the first rocket to the moon. With dual screen feature lets users utilize the screen real estate as much as possible, a feature that most iOS and Android tablets can’t do. Out of the bag, it can make a phone call, which any mobile device should be able to do out of the bag, seeing as you are paying big bucks for it. Just like that, there are more reasons to buy a $600+ phone  than there are to buy a smartphone and a tablet.Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4

Also, let’s consider how much the market has inflated with this “phablet.” From Huawei with the Ascend Mate 7, to Sony with the Z Ultra, Nokia with the Lumia 1520 and the 1320; the list of 6-inch smartphone goes on and on. The options are varied and it is not hard to notice that a 6-inch handheld device is not that much smaller than a 7-inch tablet anyway.

Now, look above again, even with a tablet, something too big will becomes too cumbersome to bring it anywhere, therefor killed it the mobility advantage that tablets suppose to have over the things like laptops. However, with smaller tablets, it is almost not worth buying. Look at it, any device with a 5.5-inch display or above can do most things that tablets can’t, while an eight-inch tablet is virtually useless compare to its smartphone counter part. The iPad and the iPhone are a great example of just that.

“With that price, I want it to do more than just being able to watch Netflix”

a9b47-c5e9a623-b46d-44c6-ad6d-bfe48c0c82e5Well, for anyone who have ever reviewed a tablet, we all know that the main usage for it is media consumption. With a large display and a louder speaker, things like watching YouTube clips and Netflix’s Friends are so much more enjoyable. But here is the thing, for the most part, you are paying $400 if not more for a tablet, and if that is all it does, then yes, it is the biggest rip-off in the world.

Again, we circle back to the idea of this 2-in-1 device. With Microsoft and Windows 8 now having so much options with tablets/laptop out there, reasons for having a laptop and a tablet in your bag is virtually 0. Now, you can say that iOS and Android tablets have more apps, and you can forget more than a quadrillion of programs that is available in the Windows ecosystem.

There is a reason why Windows such a popular OS, and that is programs. The same reason people choose iOS or Android over Windows Phone. And if you are paying more than $500 for a tablet, it better do something that’s worth your money, because let’s be honest here, you can buy a Notebook from Asus for $200 and still can watch videos while playing FTL and Hearthstone at the same time, more than what an iPad or any Android tablet allow you to do at a time.

So what is the deal here?

And now, I come back to my question: “What is the deal here?”You can buy big smartphones to be your tablets, and hybrid tablet/laptop is so much more useful than a tablet. So, is there any reason to buy a tablet at all? For now, only OEMs can answer that question, but I doubt they can.

So, what do you thing is the deal with tablets? Tell me bellow



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