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New rumors on specification for the HTC M9 and its first smartwatch

htc-one-m8-features-1Even know that the HTC One M9 is rumored to be announcing at MWC Press event day before the official launch of Mobile World Congress, it is never too late for rumors. And unlike last year, we have not seen any leaked picture of the hardware. So as of right now, the only thing we have is the rumors delivered through Bloomberg, saying that the Taiwanese company is bringing the so-called “Hima” to MWC along with its first smartwatch ever.

From the announcement that HTC is now working with Under Armour to make wearable, it is no surprise that HTC is looking to unveil its first smartwatch at MWC. This of course is set to be announced at the same event as the launching of the M9.

Now to the M9, the source believes that the HTC One M9 “resembles last year’s M8 in size and design,” which mean that it has the same color options.

Now, if you remember, in 2013, HTC and Beat Audio banned together to create the Boom Sound system for the One M7. For the One M8, the company worked with Harmon/Kardon to deliver a special edition for Sprint. And now, HTC will be having Dolby Laboratories to deliver the Dolby 5.1 audio technology to the new device.

Underneath what presumes to be a 5-inch QHD display (from previous rumors) is the eight-core Snapdragon 810 chip from Qualcomm. Operates the device will of course be Android 5.0 but with a new version of Sense: Sense 7.  It will also put its focus on camera, with the new 20MP camera (no word on OIS) and shift the HTC Ultra Pixels on the front. This allows your selfie to look bright, even in dim light situations, as UltraPixels allows more light into individual pixels.

Source: Bloomberg

Via: Pocketnow



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