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Microsoft puts a new and simple definition to describe Windows 10’s software

DSCF0142For all the fuzz we have been hearing about the new version of Windows, one of the things that Microsoft makes the biggest deal about is the idea of the “universal apps.” Yes, I know, you are probably thinking: “what the hell does this mean?” Well, I struggled to explain that to people for awhile too. But Microsoft is putting a new name for its universal apps, the company is now calling them “Windows Apps”.

At the WinHEC conference in China last week, Microsoft’s presentation declares how it will be defining what is the universal “Windows Apps” that the company has been bragging about. In a simple term, these apps would be available for Windows 10 across platforms. So, from the big 84-inch Surface, to the 4.5-inch Windows (phone) devices, all can run these specific apps. The company has also separated “Windows Desktop Application” from Windows app, to make sure that the apps in these specific categories will be just for PC-desktop device, like Office apps and other PC products.

Source: Microsoft

Via:; Windows Central 



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