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HTC One M9+ appears on HTC’s invitation, matches new leaks

one-m9-plus-invite HTC appears to be on a roll right now. First, they announced their highly anticipated One M9. HTC is also reaching far beyond mobile, with the introduction of HTC Vive and the HTC Grip to their line of products. However, they are still lacking products in their smartphone line, especially in the phablet category. Well, brace yourself, as HTC might just be announcing another flagship phablet to widen your options with the company’s devices.

Let’s look at the invitation first. The invitation shows the back of an HTC device, with the camera that mimics HTC One M8, but as HTC states, it is “More than One,” so it might just be another attempt at the Duo camera from the Taiwanese company. The statement also implies a bigger phone. As previous leaks reported, this new One M9+ (or Plus) will be a phablet, ranged at 5.5-inch, so this would make complete sense. one-m9-leaks

Next stop is the leaks from the Chinese social network Weibo. These are high quality leaks showing the front of the device, which includes a home (and maybe a fingerprint scanner if reports are accurate) and the familiar Boom Sound. We also got a screen shot at the spec sheet, suggesting that the device will sport a QHD (2K) display, 3GB of RAM, and a processor from MediaTek, specifically the MTK MT6795T.

The event is set for April 8th of this year. Stay tuned, as I will be reporting remotely and deliver the latest news about the new handset from HTC.

Source: HTC, Weibo 1,2
Via: Pocketnow



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