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New Surface is in the pipeline!

Surface Pro 3The highly-praised Surface Pro 3 of Microsoft is just a 3 months away from being a full year old. And with the success that the company is having with it so far, it is not too lucrative to think that Microsoft is prepping a new device to launch with its Windows 10. As reports have it, the Seattle-based company is working on a product to replace the Surface RT line, which will be killed when Windows 10 is launched, as it will not support the RT devices.

Comes straight out of Washington, WinBeta reports this new Surface will run full Windows, and serve as a mid-range device to the Surface Pro line. The tablet/laptop features an intermediate Intel processor, which is either Atom or the new Core M chipset. The source also suggests that this tablet would be announced in the next Build conference, which takes place in late April and early May. Now, since Microsoft has already confirmed that Windows 10 is launching in the summer, this will only run Windows 8.1. But it will be expected to be able to update to Windows 10.

As for price, WinBeta tells us that this would be a budget-friendly version of the Surface Pro, and considers the kind of chipset and hardware that is going into this tablet, a sub-$600 price range is my expectation for this new device. What about you, with all the information that we know so far about the mysterious Surface, what kind of price would you put on it?

Source: WinBeta

Via: Pocketnow



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