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Microsoft’s expand tiles for ‘McLaren’ leaked

MixViewIt has been almost a year since the first rumors of the highly anticipated McLaren sparked. Remember that time? It was the time that we still hope Microsoft makes flagship. So what is this? Well, while the project McLaren is down the drain, we have a leak reveals what would have been Microsoft’s 2014 fall flagship.

The so called “Flying-out” tiles was one of the big thing when you mention the project McLaren. With all the air gesture and controls, it was a sensible thing to do, and we have seen that with the MixView UI. The leak uses a contact tile as an example. As the finger hovers over the tile, we see that as the it being activated, and becomes bigger, and brings out all the big and small tiles. These tiles show the latest post on different social network, as well as the quick call and text buttons.

The source also tells us that this feature, and 3D Touch APIs are hidden in the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK through a Hover extension. Unfortunately, the access to this API is limited to just a few developers. But the source is indicating that this feature, dubbed Mix View by Microsoft, should be available on (flagship-presumably) Windows 10 devices. According to official Microsoft, the next flagship is being revealed in the summer-to-fall of this year.

Now, be cautious. Windows Central’s reporter has noticed that the information is aged, as we also report a similar piece stating that these features might come to Windows 10 a few months back. So, the notion that MixView is coming to Windows 10 this fall is just at “speculatory” stage.

Source: WindowsBlogItalia

Via: Windows Central



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