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Windows Phone ‘McLaren’ project is switching off?

Lumia 9225 reppresent McLaren

After the Windows phone 8.1 released, the plan is now to release high-end Lumias with new ground breaking feature, like the dubbed 3D touch technology that has been rumored for a while. Well, the project originally named “Goldfinger” which we are now known as “McLaren” is in the work, or is it? Apparently, after several confirmation, the source, WP Central, has reason to believe that Microsoft is going to stop the McLaren project. And that, open to a possibility of no device this fall, as other OEMs for Android and Apple with iPhone further more increase their market share gap everywhere. Also, as far as we know, there is no flagship Windows Phone in the work to replace the project McLaren.

WP Central as also confirms that this has nothing to do with the layoff and transformation plans of Microsoft. In fact, according to them, the decision “was made within the last few weeks, prior to yesterday’s news.” This cancellation has a lot to do with cost and the problems that the company cannot move pass the proposal stage for the interactive usages that would include the technology. This was so sudden that the “GDR2 roadmaps still show McLaren and 3D Touch slated for later this year.”

For those who don’t remember, McLaren was rumored with a 3D touch system and hover interactive, which allow users to hover their finger(s) across the screen to interact with the tiles, and the software would response similar to Zune, which is revealing contents via tiles around the main tiles. The APIs for this technology are still existing in the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK.

Now, is this a bad thing? Well, I want to hear what do you think about all of this? IS it a gimmick, this 3D touch system? And if you have to make a proposal for the use of this technology, what would you present?

Source: WP Central


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