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LG G4 to be launching at the end of April?

LG-G-FlexAs Samsung and HTC unveil their flagship of the year, the question “what next” has been brought down to LG. Even know we saw the appearance of the G Flex 2 at CES, we are still expecting a successor for the LG G3. This coming May, the LG G3 will be one year old, and it is time for the second largest Korean company to release their own flagship to compete with the other two in the Android space. Well, new date is alleged a launch, or at least an announcement, soon.

The Korean Herald reports from an anonymous “industry source,” telling the news outlet that the next LG flagship features a 5-inch display, which is a downscale from the G3 (5.5-inch). As for the design, the source believes that the G4 comes with a curved-display that mimics what we have seen from the LG G Flex 2. This is a surprise turn for the company, as they will now include their newest technology on the main flagship. This is also rather a risky move, considering the bigger competitor, Samsung, is taking small steps with the new curve display, having a separate model for customers to choose.

The source also hints at an April-May launch. TKH’s source claims that LG has plans to introduce its new phone at the end of April, but there is no date provided. This matches previous reports on the launching date of the LG G4.


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