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Windows 10 Build 12534 leaks show Project Spartan for phones

DSCF0142Less than two months ago, Microsoft released the Insiders Preview of Windows 10 for smartphones, and so far, the response has been positive. However, even know that Microsoft’s team want to release updates monthly, they have failed to do so. Fortunately for us, leaks of the updates are popping up across the internet. Today, we see the Chinese forums reveals the Windows 12534 build with a video. The clip shows many features including the new Outlook app and Project Spartan browser.

First thing first, the new Contact app with a refreshing look. The avatar now bears a circular design instead of the square design. The messaging app and the dialer also got some appearance updates. The dialer now has larger buttons, while the messaging app’s placement is revised. The new Outlook app looks exactly like what you would expected. The new features would not be anything amazing, especially for those who tried the Beta version for Android and iOS. The only new thing here is that Outlook calendar is integrated within Windows, which, of course, can’t be done on iOS or Android.

The big one, Project Spartan, is shown in this video. A lot of the features are similar to what we found in the desktop version. The address bar has been moved to the top, another move from Microsoft in their “me too” game.

One question remains unanswered throughout this video: release date. Now, we can expect the build to be released soon, but no one know for sure. But as Windows Central pointed out, the update will bring much-needed refinement within the OS, as the current version is “lacking in the basics.”


Via: Windows Central



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