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Microsoft entertains the idea of Windows going open source

microsoft-logoFor more than a decade now, the battle between Open Source OS and Private Code OS is a nonstop battle, especially when Windows and Linux feud was at its hype. While it seems like Microsoft had won the battle, it didn’t. Android has used the advantage of the open source and swept across the world, conquered big and small market. Windows is now taking a step back, and Microsoft is looking to change that, as its executive just reveals a possibility for the platform to goes open source.

CTO of Microsoft, Azure Mark Russinovich, was on a technology panel session in Silicon Valley. When the topic open source comes up, he Russinovich said that it was “no longer taboo.” The Redmond-based company is seriously considering the possibility of having Windows being an open source platform. Now, to be clear, the CTO did not confirm that this will happen, but he assures that it is “definitely possible.”

The statement is quite interesting, but makes a lot of senses. Since Windows 8, Microsoft has taken a lot of sharp turns. Windows 8, to begin with, is a complete change from Microsoft’s original framework. So if Microsoft is on board with this idea, this might open up the possibility of a whole new OS.

Source: Info World

Via: Pocketnow



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