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More live images of the Xperia Z4 emerge

sony-press-ces-2009Well, another hour, another leak for the Sony Xperia Z4. As we still not know when the next Sony’s flagship will be announced, the internet is filled with images of the device. Earlier, we reported on pictures of what suppose to be the Sony Xperia Z4. Now just a few hour later, we see another leak of the device, and this time, the pictures are pictures of the full handset.

Design-wise, it looks quite similar to all the leaks and rumors we have been hearing and seeing so far. The MicroSD card slot has been moved to the left side of the handset while USB port is now on the bottom. Power, volume buttons and camera shutter remain on the right of the device. More rearranging has also been done on the top of te phone, with the position of the camera, sensors and 3.5mm headphone jack position are now being relocated. The pictures also confirm that Sony is retaining the 20.7 MP shooter.

Supposedly, the Z4 is the 5.2-inch device, with Full HD display and a 2K variant. Internally, the phone would most likely have 3 to 4GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 810, 32GB of built-in storage. Another thing, the phone is expected to have an IP68 certification, but as we clearly see, the USB port is no longer got to be covered with a flap. This brings some doubt about the possibility of the phone not being water-proof in this iteration. However, it can also be that Sony figured how to have the USB port exposed to water and dust without damage the handset’s internal.

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Source: NoWhereElse

Via: Android Central



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