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Good signs from HTC preliminary numbers for this quarter

htc-logoSince the launch of the original HTC One, the company has made some enormous thrive in their economic side. For the past year or two, HTC’s revenue appears to be going up and up, although the question of profit is still in doubt. Now, in the last quarter report, HTC predicted that revenue for the first quarter of 2015 will be dragged down to around $1.3 billion, as well as a small reduction in profit margins. Well, we are closer to find out the validity of those predictions, as the company just filed its preliminary report for Q1 of 2015.

Starting with some good news, the number of this quarter is up from the same period in 2014. The report also shows the quarter revenue, which matches the prediction that was made in the last quarter report. This brings its profits to around $11.6 million. The negatives are that while both numbers are up from last year, and it is quite obvious that HTC is making more money than it ever did in the last 4 years, the profit is not as high as HTC would like it to be.

The second quarter of this year will be the important one, as it would show how HTC flagship compete with its rival, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Not to mention the LG G4, coming out later this month.

Source: HTC

Via: Pocketnow



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