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New Windows 10 build leaked, reveals new task switcher among other improvement

windows-10-phones-task-switcher-leak-heroWell, just as we are about to get the next preview build tomorrow, another leak of a different build of Windows 10 surfaced. But this time, we are seeing something different, and not just a re-design in the menu, but the more frequent use one, like the task switcher. obtains the screenshot and shares it with us here. windows-10-phone-leaks

So, as you can see in the header image (by Windows Cenntral), We have a new task switcher in grid form, similar-but not identical-to what HTC’s Sense. We also have screen shots reveals changes to some of the setting menus, like the Date and Time and Messaging. Another interesting screenshot is from Choose An App card, which reveals that Windows 10 for smartphone will now name removable storage (like a MicroSD card) drive letter, similar to how Windows assigns a drive letter on the desktop. Lastly, we have screenshots of Outlook email with Word integration, all of which has been demonstrated by Joe Belfiore during the Windows 10 event back in February. windows-10-phones-leak-word-formatting


Via: Windows Central



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