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Next generation Galaxy Note rumored to have 4K display

note-4-4edgeUnlike the Galaxy S line, the Note line is where Samsung can show its best work. Throughout its history, Samsung positions its Galaxy Note as an elite line, and are now being used by power users across the world. Well, it also became one of the first OEMs to feature a 2K resolution display on its smartphone as well. Well, after two or three phones with that same technology, is now time to take it up a notch. Since the release of the Note 4, we already heard rumors about the Galaxy Note 5, especially about its screen. That speculation is now backed up with more informal grapevine, detailing the specification of the display.

This time, the rumors concern the sizes and types of the display. Reportedly, Samsung will, once again, introduce two variants, the Note and Note Edge. The flat-screen variant will be featuring a 5.89-inch display, while the Edge option will have a slightly smaller screen, ranged at 5.78-inch diagonally. In addition, this year Note Edge will be curved on both sides of the phone, similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge. The source also believes that Samsung is starting production as early as August, a month before IFA, where Samsung always announces its Note line.

Source: phoneArena

Via: Pocketnow



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