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Apple Watch might be targeted for security holes

Apple-Watch-logo-main1Privacy for your devices is crucial. Losing your devices now days means that your information are vulnerable for identity theft or other infiltrate of your information. Without security feature like activation lock, even if you have your mobile handset at all time, it still at risk of being stolen. Studies have shown that since Apple enacted Apple Activation Lock, theft cases dropped in major countries like the United Kingdom (thanks for the info Pocketnow). Well, just like the first generation iPhone, the Apple Watch might just be in the same predicament.

According to iDownloadBlog, the security features (or lack thereof) on the Apple Watch is not strong enough to protect you against theft. The key feature mentioned for the iPhone (Apple Activation Lock) is nowhere to be found in your Watch, meaning the thieves can have a field day. As of right now, the best the watch can do is set up a passcode, but with a hard-reset, the watch just erase everything and resets it to the default setting, so that doesn’t help much.

Apple has not commented on the matter just yet. Stay tuned as I will update the story as it developed.

Source: iDownloadBlog

Via: Pocketnow



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