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Apple Watch might be targeted for security holes

Privacy for your devices is crucial. Losing your devices now days means that your information are vulnerable for identity theft or other infiltrate of your information. Without security feature like activation lock, even if you have your mobile handset at all time, it still at risk of being stolen. Studies have shown that since Apple […]


News Windows

Microsoft publishes official SKUs, confirms Windows 10 Mobile for Smartphones

One of the more confounding thing about Microsoft is its new name. Since it determines to have a unify experience, even to the name, the presses like us were having problems in what to call Windows 10 for desktop or Windows 10 for smartphones. Well, Microsoft has just cleared up the confusion with the official […]

Android News

Rumors of a new HTC tablet emerge with budget models

Last year, HTC marked its return to the tablet arena with its own HTC Google Nexus 9. However, after a few days of buzz, the excitement wears off. Well, It seems like that will not be the last tablet we will see from HTC, as some new rumors have emerged, and it might very well […]