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Rumors of a new HTC tablet emerge with budget models

htc-logoLast year, HTC marked its return to the tablet arena with its own HTC Google Nexus 9. However, after a few days of buzz, the excitement wears off. Well, It seems like that will not be the last tablet we will see from HTC, as some new rumors have emerged, and it might very well be that we will see a new tablet from the Taiwanese very soon.

Here is what we’ve got so far: the rumor is that there is a tablet model in the work, with the name H7. Specification wise, it appears that the tablet is on the affordable side of the field, and the paperwork indicates that a Q2 launch is what the company is aiming at. Neither less, this erects a whole lot of question, including the screen size, resolution, etc… Or even if the tablet is real or not. But if so, it would be a very interesting device.

What do you feel about another HTC tablet?

Source: upleaks (Twitter)

Via: Pocketnow



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