Watch manufacturer Casio to launch its own smartwatch

With many technology companies start to make smartwatches, you have to ask: Why wouldn’t a watch-maker┬ámake a smartwatch? And that is a good question. After all, who is better at making a watch than a watch manufacturer. A few company has realized it, like Tag Heuer and Carrera Wearable 01. Well, it’s now Casio’s turn, […]


iOS News

New details on the iPhone 6S from Foxconn

It should be said, for the record, that Apple’s iPhone cameras are ranked within my top 10 favorite smartphone camera. However, it is not the best. Even know Apple used to own the smartphone photography landscape, things have changed since the iPhone 4S. Companies like Nokia/Microsoft, Samsung and LG have been improving their camera technology […]

Android News

Long rumored HTC Aero will feature “high-performance new camera”

For all the thing smartphones can do today, the most important thing, at least the one that a lot of people care about, is the camera. The fact is, your phone’s camera can easily handle most of your photography need. The optic department is also HTC’s weakness. Starting with the original HTC One, every pass […]