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Nokia Black Update, my impression: late better than never.


Last week, Nokia and Microsoft released Nokia Black Update which also contained GDR 3. And although we expected this earlier, it still gets the job done, here is my first impression with Nokia Black Update.

The simplest thing

Yep, I don’t even why it takes Microsoft so long, maybe because of the “Glanceble screen” that Microsoft has been advertise, and this makes it go in the opposite direction. What it is? Is an app folder feature. I mean, it is so simple yet, one of the most useful features of the phone because to match tiles can make the home screen looks a bit busy, unless you have the 1520. Also, this help users have access to more thing they need on the Start Screens.

I mean, look at it, it’s just making your home screen become a bit more organize, and at the same time, gain more access to features without having to scroll down and look for it or scroll your screen to the left to get to the Apps screen.
Now, I get why Microsoft doesn’t have it in the first place (mentioned above). But it takes really long for Microsoft to figure this out. There is a reason why people like iOS (also have Apps folder feature) and Android (Launcher and the fact that there are multiple cart for users to use and organize their apps). We also couldn’t forget the fact that it took longer for Windows Phone 8 to have support for 1080p screens and the Snapdragon 800. Microsoft really needs to be more active of they still want a chance in the mobile OS competition.

Class dismissed

Remember when you were in school, and as soon as the teacher says “class dismissed”, we all yell out: “YESSSSSSS”. Finally, here is our moment (me and other Windows Phone User) for Windows Phone OS, we now can actually close currently using the app without having to press the Back button for 5 billion times before every app is closed. Now, I do not get why Microsoft didn’t include this in the first place. I mean, even iOS 6 allowed you to close currently in use apps, but NOOO, Microsoft have to wait like A WHOLE YEAR later to bring us the simple little X button to close our apps. I mean, this is not a hard thing to think of. We are all trying to save our battery life since Windows Phone never gets a good reputation on battery life (until the 1520 came out, of course), and Microsoft have to troll us and not give it to the consumer, the little easiest thing anyone could’ve thought of. And as for a matter of fact, I did notice some improvement in battery life after the features come along and I was actually starting to close my apps. God, I wish this feature had come sooner.

The Glanceble dream

Oh yes, I mean, I always enjoy the glance screen that Nokia brought with the Nokia Lumia 1020 and its Lumia Amber update, and the Black update just makes everything better. If you’re anything like me, sometimes, you just want to know is there anything come without actually want to turn on the phone. I mean, before, you have to turn on the screen and look. But now, with Glance 2.0, you just need to flow you have over the phones to turn on glance screen with the notifications (well, and also the cool background I guess).
Also, with Glance 2.0, the night mode has been added with 3 more colors besides just white. Now, you can have, as you can see, Red, Green and Blue to have some more flavor for the glance screen. At first I thought it would look horrible, but it actually appears nicely with the screen and make it is easier to look at it at night.


Maybe, I mean, 2 out of 3 features that I mention (and there is more by the way, life drive mode) should’ve been there for a long time ago. And I’m going to repeat myself:, Microsoft needs to be more active in helping the Windows Phone OS grow, and for some power users, this could really be a problem. For now, I’ll let it go since I wanted to focus on the positive, the fact that these features finally came rather than how long it took for Microsoft to deliver it to the users. But consider this a warning for both Windows Phone and Microsoft, because with this pace of improvement, they will not catch up to their competitors.


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