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The Big old battery is rumor to be in the Galaxy S5

Samsung is getting more popular as another day goes pass, which also mean another day closer to see the revealing of the Galaxy S5. Now, yesterday, (although I did not post this), there were some leaks about the specification of the new supposedly Galaxy S5. And now, another rumor broke out that the Galaxy S5 might get a giant battery.

Today, we heard that we might get a 2900 mAh power battery from the Galaxy S5. Also, go with that is the new lithium-ion battery, which in theory, suppose to store 20% more battery that what the battery capable of. So, this, in speculation, is how Samsung will fit extra 300 mAh without the need of increasing battery size.

Ok, 2900 mAh power sound awesome, especially when the Galaxy S4 never has trouble with the battery life, so this could only make thing better, right??? Yes, but just to recap, the yesterday leak says that we will also have a 2K display, which will mean that the screen will use more energy to light up more pixels on the panel.

Also, just for your information (in case if you didn’t know already), that the leaks told us that the Galaxy S5 will have a 2560 x 1440 OLED display (no size details), a 16 megapixels camera and the Exynos 6 chip or the Snapdragon 805 depend on versions of connectivity.

Source: ExtremeTech
Via: PhoneArena and Pocketnow



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