Screenshot suggests that LG G3 will have circle window door-case

As we come closer to the week of the LG G3’s launch date, more leaks of the phone are starting to surface. As we saw in the teaser that LG released last week, at the end, there was a circle on the phone screen. Most of us think that it is a window of LG’s new fancy front-door case. Well, it has been confirmed. 

Now, in the video, the circle appears to be just for a clock, but if we look at the picture above, the G3’s window can do a lot more. As the name “Quick Windows” suggests, the leak shows that the window will allow you to access call notifications, app shortcuts, weather info, fitness trackers (most likely connect to the LG Fitband), and more without turning on the phone. And because of the different in this software design, we can assure that LG will bring a new Folio Case for the LG G3.

Source: +@evleaks

Via: Pocketnow



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