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Here is the Surface Mini… Psych!

Hey, remember a few weeks ago, or even last week, we think that the event in New York today hosted by Microsoft will be the launch of the Surface Mini? Psych! But to be fair, it is a tablet, and not until yesterday, we did not expect this new tablet.

As tablet is now getting bigger and challenges the PC and laptop world, Microsoft decided to challenge its own partner that has been bringing Microsoft to the top for more than a decade, and bring to the tablet market a twelve-inch tablet, the Surface Pro 3.

All around, the tablet has the thickness of 9. 1 mm, thinner than the Pro 2, and as mentioned, the tablet has a twelve-inch 2160 x 1440 (or 2K) display with a new 3:2 aspect ratio, different from the usual 16:9 on the Pro 2 or other normal display on the market. Microsoft promise with this is,  a screen with “highest contrast ratio in the industry.” Also, even with a larger form factor, it weights less than its predecessor, at around 28.2 pounds (or 800g).

As Microsoft promises that Pro 3 is “the tablet that can replace your laptop,” Microsoft sure did just that

By not only improving the mobility of the devices, but the usefulness. The tablet has no problem out-pacing the Pro 2 with a 4th-generation Intel i7 processor, although you have options for the i3 or i5 too. Of course, this kind of chip needs some decent cooling, meaning that it will have a fan. However, as Microsoft admitted, with the minimal thickness of this tablet, the fan in this tablet is not any ordinary fan.

Also, with this version of the Pro, Microsoft also has redesigned the kickstand. Now, it is adjustable from  up-right, flat down to 150 degrees. To accompany the larger size of the Pro 3, the company also had created a new touch cover, with a larger pad trackpad. It also has a new feature, allows it to fold up against the screen (one of the reason why the Home button moved to the side), claims to reinforce its attachment for extra stability while typing.

Other hardware includes a pen  that goes with the Touch Cover (but can buy separately), USB 3.0 port, micro SD card slot to transfer data. A Mini DisplayPort to lay-out the content on external displays. 5 megapixel front and rear-facing cameras that are  capable of capturing 1080p HD video. No clear specification of the battery except for the fact that it can browse the Web up to nine-hours, and charging it is a new charge port with a 36W power supply, meaning that the old charger from the Surface 2 or 1 Pro will not work on this tablet.

In the hardware configuration department, although the i7 processor option with 256 GB or 512Gb for 1549$ and 1949$ are the highest one out there, it is not the only one. There are options for 64GB and 4GB of RAM for 799$; i5 for 128GB/4GB, 256GB/8GB for 999$ and 1299$.

Pre-order is starting tomorrow.

Source: Microsoft



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