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Why the Surface 3 is not over priced

Okay, you’re might be thinking, “You are crazy, almost two thousand dollars for a tablet? And that is not expensive?” Well, here is the thing, if you ask anyone, they would agree that mobile electronic devices are in fact overpriced by a lot. The goal here is to get the bang for your buck, and this is where the Surface Pro 3 come in.

Pro 3 vs. iPad vs. Galaxy Note Pro

Before count the Pro 3 in, let’s do some comparisons between the two existing one on the market. They both have the best specification, the iPad have the utilities and reliable of a tablet, while the Note Pro can provide the real estate for more proclivities (combine with split screen software). Now, both of these tablet have the price around 700-750$. Which we can all agree is ridiculous because we can get a laptop or even a gaming desktop with these prices. Yesterday, these two overpriced tablet welcomed a new overpriced tablet, the Pro 3.
Now, don’t get me wrong, it is a very expensive tablet, I mean 800$ for a 64GB tablet (probably only 50GB) is completely insane, but the compare to the two above, is it really that expensive? With the utilities and the proclivities that the Surface Pro 3 can bring with the Windows Pro 8.1, you can get your work done and enjoy some PC game as well as tablet game, just like a laptop or a Mac, as well as maintaining its mobility. If you really think about this, the Pro 3 exist as a fine line between tablet and laptop. Also, with the quality hardware and design, everyone can agree this can be a Mac level laptop. Meaning that if we can play 2000$ for a laptop with an OS that is very reliable, but lack of support in PC apps, the Windows OS can help those who need something that is as reliable as a Mac, but with more utilities, the Surface can possibly solve this problem.


Here is the main point, all of tablet or even should not be this expensive. But if you can buy a Mac, and then criticize the Surface for being too expensive, even though it provides a solid experience, then it is not about the Surface anymore. The problem being that is all electronics for daily usage shouldn’t be that expensive. I know that company has to make profit, but a recent report shows that all products that are made in recent years had made two to 300$ of profit per device. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to defense the overpriced of the Surface, but it is wrong for people to assume that they can blame on the price and not getting it rather than accept the fact that they just favor Apple product. It is not wrong to favor a certain brand, but don’t expect Microsoft to be the company that will revolutionize the market’s price only for consumer to like it, they just do what Apple do and hope to succeed. Not that I don’t think is a good thing, but if Apple succeed, then good luck to Microsoft.
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