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Walnut had been removed from Motomaker, while the rumors for 64GB variant keep rising

Even though the rumors for the Moto X + 1 keep rising, Motorola is still not done with their 2013 flagship, Moto X. At the start of the year, Motomaker offered the Walnut back plate for the Moto X, but recently, the option had been removed from the Natural Section and replace with similar wood option, Rosewood.

Also, another Motomaker site showed an offer for the Moto X in 64GB variant. The extra storage will reportedly cost 50$ more than the 32GB version (means that 100$ more than the 16GB variant), at about 449,99$ a pop. This move might be a step to attract the digital holders since the Moto X does not come with a Micro SD slot. Now, the report (by Phone Arena) did not say when we can expect this variant, but as the Moto X+1 rumored to be launched this year, this can be release in the near future.

Source: PocketnowPhoneArenaRedit AndroidMobiletelefun



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