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2TB micro SD slot is supported for the G3

Well, the rumors about the G3 keep piling up, it wouldn’t surprise me if we know everything about the G3 by tomorrow. According to a spec sheet taken off LG U.K website, there is a possibility that the LG G3 has a micro SD slot support up to 2TB of storage. Now, 2TB, that is 2048GB (1TB = 1024 GB), so you can see how much your phone data can potentially hold. However, keep in mind that the largest capacity for a Micro SD card is 128GB from Sandisk, so this could be an error by an employee (I mean, the first mistake he or she already made is letting this sheet leak out). One the other hand, there is also a possibility that LG might introduce to us a 2TB Micro SD card, who know?

Also, while we have the spec sheet, might as well dive in. Claimed by this sheet, the LG G3 has a Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC with 2.46 GHz processor; a 5.5 QHD display (2560 x 1440), runs Android newest version 4.4 Kitkat. Powers all of this is a replaceable 3000mAH battery and support wireless charging. The only thing that is different in this spec leak compare to the previous one leaked on the LG Korean site is that this it only has 2 GB of RAM, contrary to 3GB reported before.

LG expected to launch the phone on Tuesday so we can clear up about the information about the expandable Micro SD slot and the RAM information.

Source: LG U.K

Via: Phone Arena & Pocketnow



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